The English subject leader is
Mrs Johnson

 ‘We are excited to be working with author Frank English because it is a great opportunity and it’s great to get involved with a real book that will actually be published.’ 

Lyla and Samu, Year 5

‘I love to read because it relaxes me, and I particularly enjoy fantasy stories because of the magic!’

‘I like how reading can take you anywhere and it drags you in.’ 

April and Isaac, Year 6

‘I love writing and my letters are getting neater and neater.’  

‘I really enjoy reading stories.’

Jessica and Lottie, Year 1

Story Sequencing

‘I love to write because it calms me down and I feel happy when I write.’ 

‘I like reading because I get to use my imagination and I can see the story in my head.’

Annie and Riley, Year 4

‘I love practising handwriting because I am getting better at using cursive writing’

Daisy, Year 2

‘I like to read humorous books because they make me laugh. I really enjoyed reading the book Captain Underpants.’ 

‘It’s fun to practise writing and I like to practise this when I am at home.’

Ethan and Thea, Year 3

Subject Map and Content

The phonics scheme used in KS1 is ‘Letters and Sounds’
The reading scheme used in KS1 is Oxford Reading Tree
The guided reading scheme used is Rigby Stars

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