Google Information and Documents:

  • YouTube has been reinstated for all users. It is set to restricted access. Any problems with inappropriate content, please report it directly to YouTube and let school know as well please.
  • Stream – children are now able to post comments in here to ask for help or to say hello to their friends. Each morning, the staff will be posting an ‘hello’ to their classes.
  • Notifications sent to GMail – You can easily turn this feature off. This will prevent Stream, Assignments and other notifications like this from being sent as an email to your GMail account. These notifications can quickly clutter up your inbox. To turn off these notifications, simply click on the main menu icon in your Google Classroom screen – top left hand corner (3 vertical lines). Click on the clog icon (settings). Under the Notifications heading, there is an option to slide email notifications to off. 
  • Google Meet times are showing in EST time zone – Choose the Calendar from the waffle. In the top right hand corner there is a cog symbol (settings), click on this. In the Calendar settings, the second sub-heading is ‘Time zone’. Click on the little down arrow and scroll down until you find GMT + 00:00 United Kingdom Time. Select this option and it will automatically save.

Parish of St. John Rigby:

Sir Tom Moore (Captain):

Following the very sad news of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore (2nd February 2021), Picture News have produced an additional special pack looking at his life and achievements.

 Story: Lockdown hero Captain Sir Tom Moore sadly passed away yesterday.

 Question: What can we learn from Captain Sir Tom Moore?

 Challenge: To set and complete your own 100 challenge, raising awareness of something that is important to you.