When I’m at school, I forget all my thoughts because of my teachers. They are the best you could ever ask for. I also enjoy spending time with my friends because they help me and make me laugh. For me, the best subject is PE because it helps to keep you fit and healthy. I also enjoy mathematics and singing in the choir at different events – Let’s Sing and Carol Service.

Madison, Pupil

New Starter Documents

Dear Children and Parents,

First of all, welcome to school and thank you for choosing our lovely, family sized school for you to attend from September. Hopefully, you have already received a letter through the post welcoming you to school. Once we know what options are available to us regarding you visiting school we will be in touch. In the coming weeks, you will receive a bundle of information which you will need to complete and return to school. Should you require any support completing these forms, please contact the school office via telephone: 01942 883429 or via email: enquiries@admin.athertonsacredheart.wigan.sch.uk

Information regarding uniform and routines can be found in the booklet below. Further information can be found on the school website.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact school. For those who attend Hindsford Day Nursery, we will see you during the week when you visit our school for PE sessions. Don’t forget to give us all a wave 👋

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued patience and support during this time. Unfortunately, we are unable to host our usual ‘Open-Evenings’ this year. We can still accommodate tours of school for individual families. If you would like to have a look around school, please contact the school office and we can arrange a tour for you between the hours of 4 pm – 5 pm.

We hope you have managed to watch our ‘Virtual-Tour’ video, hosted by our wonderful pupils. If you haven’t yet seen it, please click on the video link on this page.

School has some exciting news we would like to share with you:

  • Our school field will soon be fenced off so that the children are then able to make use of this resource on a daily basis. The children will enjoy spending their break and lunch times on the field once the warmer weather arrives. Further updates and details will be released throughout the coming months on our Facebook page and weekly newsletters.
  • The copse (area of trees and bushes) behind school will be cleared and transformed from January 2021. School has been awarded a grant to transform this area into a Forest School. Further updates and details will be released throughout the coming months on our Facebook page and weekly newsletters.

Both of these projects will significantly enhance the provision and experiences for all of our children.

If you have any questions or would like to book a tour, please contact the office via phone (01942 883 429) or via the school’s email address:


We look forward to hearing from you.

Thinking of you all

Kind Regards

Mr McDermott